Eastern College

  • General English (Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced Level)
  • Conversational English (For people who want to improve their speaking skill)
  • Business English (For business people)
  • English for professionals (Managers, doctors, accountants, lawyers, parliamentarians etc)
  • Executive English (For top managers, government officials and big business owners)
TEACHING METHOD: – Pre-booked live online classes for individuals and groups (10-20) from home, office, at Eastern College and self-paced online courses via virtual teaching platform (LMS) accessed by students through Eastern college website using their PC, laptop, iPad, and smart phones. TEACHERS: – Eastern College Foreign Teachers and Native English speakers from the UK and classroom assistants TEACHING TIMES: –
  • Night Shift: SAT-TUES- (6:30 PM- 8:00PM) East Africa Time.
  • Weekend Shift (Thursday Evening 3:00 PM-5:30PM, and Friday Morning (8:00AM-11:00AM) East Africa Time.
  • Live classes
  • Self-paced Course on LMS
  • Reading clubs
  • Writing clubs
  • Conversational/debate clubs
  • Listening/Movie clubs
Speaking Accuracy, fluency / phonemic chart, pronunciation colloquial expressions, vocabulary building, idioms.
Listening Accuracy of comprehension varieties of global English communication, TV/Video, dialogue, telephone, radio, internet.
Reading Speed and in-depth reading, extracting information, comprehension.
Writing Accuracy of spelling, sentence structures, punctuation, style of writing: narrative, essay, formal/informal.
LEARNING MATERIALS: – E-books in pdf form, videos on interactive platforms, E-library, additional learning resources TARGET GROUPS:
  • Business people
  • Professionals (Doctors, lawyers, teachers, accountants etc.)
  • Government departments
  • NGOs
  • Hotels
  • Private business companies